• Sibel Dağdeviren Özüağ

Leveraging LinkedIn to its full potential

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

LinkedIn is by far the leading virtual job market for both talents and companies. Already paving the way for making the (digital) recruiting easier, LinkedIn has released a number of additional features to make the platform a lot more functional for job-seekers and job-givers.

Are you aware of all the useful features of LinkedIn? Stay tuned till the end!

Customize Your Profile URL

Each user has a unique URL to their profile and I think it somehow resembles a digital business card, for which reason it has to be worked on. Instead of using the automatically assigned LinkedIn URL, you may customize it on your profile page and make it more memorable.

To give you an example, here is how my LinkedIn URL looks like:


Featured Content

On the "Featured" section of your profile you can showcase your website, your YouTube videos, work samples, portfolio and so forth - any media telling about you more than just your LinkedIn profile. You may feature multiple pieces of information on your profile by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

In case you would like to feature a post here in this section, you can simply visit this specific post, click on the vertical three dots (...) at the right hand side of the post, and select "Feature on top of profile". And the selected post will automatically appear in the "Featured" section of your LinkedIn profile.

Posting in Multiple Ways

Posting is not limited to only text or link sharing. You may share various forms (images, videos, and files) of information to your network. You are also welcome to go beyond sharing only updates via such new functionalities as celebrating an occasion, finding an expert, creating a poll and offering your help to your network.

Keep Yourself Updated with Hashtags

Just like in Instagram or Twitter, you may add hashtags to your posts so that other professionals interested in these hashtags can find your updates more easily. And you can also create a list of the hashtags you follow so that you see the posts with these hashtags more often and keep yourself updated on the followed topics.

And here are the three most recent updates:

Hashtag Presentations

This is to let you know that LinkedIn is now testing a "hashtag presentations" functionality to enable a new view on desktop which I think will be similar to Pinterest where you can see various media from various users with the same hashtag. Let's stay tuned!


LinkedIn stories have finally been tested and is now in the LinkedIn mobile app. Although it has been much discussed whether Stories could really contribute to LinkedIn users, I actually like it so far! Stories give you the possibility to tag your coworkers as well. I expect improvements here with regards to creating polls, sharing deadlines, etc - just like in Instagram. Let's see this in the upcoming days.

Video Intro

Another brand new functionality is the video introduction. With the huge number of applicants that especially the big corporations receive, the applicants can now be invited for a video introduction to help the recruiters get to know them better and even more importantly, get to know them better virtually!

I hope it has been a useful piece of information both for my HR colleagues and for the talents looking for ways to polish up their LinkedIn profiles.

Let me know what you think. You are more than welcome to post your comments/feedbacks below!